From sophisticated actor groups facing entire industries to the adversary targeting a specific organization, the team at HYAS acts as an extension of our clients’ teams to provide actionable intelligence, infrastructure attribution, and act as a force multiplier for when it really matters.

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A force multiplier when IT really matters


From advanced persistent threats attacking entire industries to the adversary targeting a specific organization, the HYAS Intelligence Team acts as an extension of your team to provide key intelligence, answers, and board-level reports for:

  • Network investigations and event attribution
  • Adversary dossier development and monitoring
  • Client liaison with international law enforcement agencies
  • Business Email Compromise investigations
  • APT infrastructure attribution and monitoring
  • Phishing attack attribution and kit analysis
  • Fraud and financial cybercrime investigation
  • Infrastructure provider research and analysis
  • Credential stuffing attack investigations
  • Cybercrime as a service tracking and monitoring
  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering


The HYAS Intelligence Team is an important resource for many Global 2000 organizations, helping them to better understand the nature of the threats they face on a daily basis.
Our clients trust us to be an extension of their own teams. The strength of these engagements helps to ensure that clients receive the intelligence they need when they need it, and allows HYAS to be proactive in providing advice related to emerging or changing threats.


Recent threat intelligence findings

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