Block Attacks

Before They Happen

Pre-zero-day security that identifies the origin of attacks and proactively blocks attacks before they are even launched, mitigating risk, and creating a dynamic, adaptive security posture.

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The industry’s first security solution

that detects and mitigates cyber-risks before they happen and identifies the origins of attacks.

Detect and Mitigate Threats Pre-Attack

With HYAS Protect enterprises can make real-time, automated, data-based risk assessments to proactively and efficiently adapt their security defenses and prevent attacks before they are launched.

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Investigate and Identify

HYAS Insight enables threat and fraud response teams to quickly and efficiently find and identify the origin of attacks, often "to the doorstep".

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Deep Visibility into Threats Across the Globe


Pre-Zero-Day Attribution

Understanding your adversary is incredibly important for aligning your security posture and becoming pre-emptive against evolving threats. Watch this webinar from Maltego and the HYAS’ Threat Intelligence team to understand how you can quickly and efficiently map adversary infrastructure.

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Russian Threat Actors Identified

HYAS Insight identified the threat actors behind a massive, complex, and globally-distributed credential stuffing attack that targeted over 200 of the largest financial institutions and brands. These types of attacks highlight the need for a pre-zero-day approach to cybersecurity and attribution.