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HYAS Insight API Format

Type: HYAS Insight provides a RESTful API that uses JSON.
Authentication is performed using X-API-Key header with provided PSK API key on each request. It is important that customers protect their API credentials. Prices correspond to queries authenticated with your key, even if you later determine the requests were fraudulent. Please contact customer support if you need to revoke/reissue an API key.
Data Topics
Data Topics
Data Description
Dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS information for select Dynamic DNS providers
Geolocation information including country, IPv4/IPv6 address, and latitude/longitude with six degrees of accuracy
Open Source Indicators
Open Source intel for malware, SSL certificates and other indicators
Passive Hash
Passive hash information
Passive DNS
Passive DNS information
Malware sample records
Sample Information
Malware sample information
Download PNG screenshot of a domain's website
Sinkhole information
SSL Certificate
SSL certificate information
Search and edit tags to facilitate investigations
WHOIS information including registrant, server, and registration data for a domain name
HYAS provides sample requests and responses to simplify development and API integration.