Cyber Fraud Investigation

Locate, characterize, and combat adversaries

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Investigate Fraud with Unique Intelligence Unavailable Elsewhere

Fraud is expensive. Financial institutions lose money and enterprises lose revenue to digital piracy; organizations and governments lose trade or state secrets to attackers. But online activity leaves a trail of evidence. HYAS helps some of the world’s largest companies counter adversaries and save or even recoup money.

fraud investigation@4x-100

Gain better visibility into your adversary

Threat analysts struggle to see through adversary obfuscation to see activity. HYAS Insight provides de-obfuscation and then correlation of adversary infrastructure information that cuts through adversary tradecraft to see a complete picture. It allows you to identify legacy and known/ existing infrastructure used by adversaries so you can counter attacks before they execute.


Accelerate investigations with increased accuracy and fidelity

Threat analysis manipulates a blizzard of data. HYAS Insight allows you to better prioritize events by tying new campaign infrastructure to known historic malicious activity. It’s unique incorporation of diverse datasets enables accelerated decision-making during investigations and incident response.


Stay ahead of adversaries and their evolving infrastructure

Detect emerging infrastructure, and disrupt it before it can be incorporated and utilized by adversaries. HYAS Insight detects, identifies, and monitors the behavior and patterns associated with adversaries as they establish, curate, and grow their operations and campaigns.


Deep Visibility into Threats Across the Globe


Ryan Smith, Manager of IT Security and Operations, First West Credit Union

“HYAS helps us to save valuable time in investigations and achieve attribution. We have seen a speedup of about 3X for analysts when doing investigations with HYAS Insight”


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