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HYAS Protect API Format

Type: HYAS Protect provides a RESTful API that uses JSON.
Authentication is performed using X-API-Key header with provided PSK API key on each request. It is important that customers protect their API credentials. Prices correspond to queries authenticated with your key, even if you later determine the requests were fraudulent. Please contact customer support if you need to revoke/reissue an API key.
Data Topics
Service Name
Service Description
Data List Services

Data list services can be used to adjust Protect verdicts. Customers are allowed to provide of the following types.

  • Domain names
  • FQDNs
  • IP addresses
  • IP CIDRs
  • Nameservers
  • Registrars

Both allow lists and deny lists are supported.

Lists can be managed locally or remotely. A remote list is essentially a feed and requires a URL and configuration of an update interval.

Verdict Services

Verdict services are used for integration purposes. By specifying an FQDN, domain name, or IP address, a request can be made for a verdict. The returned verdict indicates whether to allow or block communication to that infrastructure. Verdicts also provide rationale(supporting data) regarding why HYAS rated that particular infrastructure with the specific result.

HYAS provides sample requests and responses to simplify development and integration for HYAS Protect API services.