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From our exclusive data sources to our non-traditional collection mechanisms, HYAS Insight is the most powerful investigation and attribution system ever created. Used by top Fortune companies to power their security and fraud investigations, it provides enterprises with unparalleled visibility into the origins of attacks, the infrastructure being used to attack them, and the infrastructure likely to be used in future attacks.

A Better Way
to Precision

From day-to-day work, or when things are really on the line, Insight will quickly become your go to resource. Insight lets you connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical indicators of compromise faster than ever before, bringing invaluable new insights and visibility to your security efforts.

Tag and TracK

Tag any artifact within the platform to identify and track your investigations that are viewable by your team.


Breadcrumb Trail

As you pivot through IOC's, a trail keeps track of each step for easy reference, visible reminders, and navigation. The trail is also savable for future reference and use.


Organize and Share Investigations

Analysts can save items relevant to their investigation to a list for future use by simply dragging and dropping, or share amongst teammates for easy collaboration.



Set alerts on emails, IP addresses, phone numbers, and more to notify when a new domain is registered, allowing you to stay ahead of the attacker as they attempt to build out new infrastructure.


Customize and Filter

Reorganize how data is displayed on the page to fit your preferred way of viewing. Threat hunters can also filter through the data to expose more granular results, helping them reach conclusions faster and more efficiently.


Use Cases

With HYAS Insight security and fraud analysts are able to accelerate and close investigations faster with increased accuracy, often achieving full attribution, and locating the sources of attacks "down to the doorstep".


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