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The estimated global cost of cybercrime is $6T and climbing +15% a year.

Cybersecurity Ventures

Domain-based intelligence offers proactive and preemptive security even when other solutions fail.

Most often, attackers use domain names to host malicious software, for command-and-control, or data exfiltration. Even phishing attacks try to get a target to communicate with a malicious domain.

Traditional DNS filtering services often lead to false-positive alert overload. Blocking domains with high-risk profiles allows endpoint protection to do its job more effectively and reduces alert fatigue.

Conventional DNS filtering firewalls are blind outside of slowly updated global block and allow lists and are generally ineffectual as new threat campaigns are executed and enough targets are successfully attacked.

HYAS Protect, using its proprietary attribution and data combined with an enterprise’s DNS data, delivers unprecedented proactive and preemptive protective DNS network security by blocking communications to malicious infrastructure and improving the efficacy of other components in the security stack.


A New Level of Visibility.

We've collected years of often exclusive historical domain data and real-time analysis of communication patterns to create the HYAS Protect data lake. This goes far beyond typical DNS filtering services and gives you unrivaled visibility into risk before communicating to any domain.


Block Before You Get Hit.

Our protective DNS services stop connections to malicious infrastructure before adversaries can use them. You will confidently mitigate against future attacks with our DNS filtering services without the labor of maintaining legacy block and allow lists.


Real-Time Domain Truth.

HYAS eliminates confidence scores and minimizes false positives and false negatives. You finally have an instant source of truth to help you focus less on bad actors and instead focus on where your business is headed.

Quick to Deploy

Deploy Anywhere Anytime.

Time is not a luxury businesses can afford. HYAS Protect is cloud native infrastructure-as-a-service that scales and deploys in minutes.

Maximize Your Investments

Revolutionize Existing Security Investments.

Our API driven flexibility amplifies the intelligence of your existing security stack through a new layer of protective DNS network security. Easy-to-use APIs allow you to seamlessly leverage SIEM, SOAR, firewall, or other security components.

HYAS completely changes how we work on a daily basis."

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