Protective DNS

Intercept Attacks using an Enterprise’s Own DNS Data

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Domain-based intelligence to proactively and preemptively protect enterprises

Virtually all malicious attacks utilize domain names and DNS, either for payload delivery, command-and-control, or data exfiltration. Even a phishing attack ultimately tries to get its target to communicate with a malicious domain.

Endpoint protection platforms are generally either too conservative and easy to circumvent, or too aggressive leading to false positive alert overload; culling the network communication by blocking known-bad domains and other sites with poor reputations and thus high-risk profiles allows endpoint protection to more effectively do its job and reduces alert fatigue.

Conventional network approaches are blind outside of slowly-updated global block and allow lists, and are generally ineffectual as new threat campaigns are executed and enough targets are successfully attacked. HYAS Protect utilizes its proprietary attribution and data which, when combined with an enterprise’s DNS data, delivers unprecedented proactive and preemptive network security, blocking malicious infrastructure and improving the efficacy of other components in the security stack.

network protection@4x-100


Combine real-time data with years of historical items in the HYAS Protect data lake to have a complete and thorough view of reputation and risk in internet infrastructure.


Rapid and Precise

HYAS data collection from authoritative sources eliminates confidence scores, false positives, and false negatives and provides a source of truth on the Internet in real-time


Pre-zero-day Protection

Identify malicious and risky infrastructure before adversaries utilize it in an attack, block malware, phishing attacks, and other infections from outbound communication, and preemptively mitigate future attacks.


Cloud-Native, Straightforward Deployment

Leverage global, scalable infrastructure-as-a-service for optimal scalability; deploy in minutes, anywhere in the world, with high availability, low latency, and global redundancy.



Deploy in a variety of modes depending on an organization’s needs. Use HYAS Protect as a DNS resolver to block and mitigate attacks, integrate HYAS Protect intelligence into your SIEM, SOAR, Firewall, or other security component via easy to use APIs, or do both and improve the complete stack while enabling the ultimate in proactive protection.


Deep Visibility into Threats Across the Globe


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