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Mapping Adversary Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to Attack Infrastructure

Mature security organizations are discovering that hunting for advanced threats is the next step along their security operations center (SOC) evolution. Threat hunting is a process, and that process requires an understanding of not just what is going on inside your environment, but also how adversaries are preparing for executing their attacks. Effective tools can accelerate that process and improve team efficiency. By connecting specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical and current indicators of compromise, HYAS Insight provides invaluable new visibility and actionable intelligence facilitating threat hunting and driving conclusions.

When adversaries are laying the groundwork for attacks, HYAS Insight provides unique datasets that, combined with aggregation and correlation capabilities, enables threat hunting teams to discover, investigate, attribute, and proactively monitor adversary campaign infrastructure before attacks occur.

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See Adversary Activity

HYAS Insight allows threat hunters to de-obfuscate and then correlate adversary infrastructure that cuts through adversary tradecraft to see a complete picture, even if attackers are trying to hide behind a VPN. Identify known infrastructure used by adversaries and get alerts about new campaign infrastructure so you can counter attacks before they execute and proactively defend against future attacks. HYAS can allow you to attribute adversary activity frequently “to the doorstep”.


Inform hunting with increased accuracy and fidelity

Threat analysis manipulates a deluge of data. HYAS Insight allows you to better prioritize events by tying new campaign infrastructure to known historic malicious activity. It’s unique incorporation of diverse datasets enables accelerated decision-making during investigations and incident response with to-the-doorstep accuracy.


Integrate with existing toolsets and workflows

You already have a variety of tools and processes that allow you to effectively get your job done. HYAS builds on your existing toolset and workflows through API access and integrations with key tools to improve productivity.


Stay ahead of adversaries and their evolving infrastructure

Proactively detect & disrupt emerging infrastructure before it can be incorporated and utilized by adversaries. HYAS Insight detects, identifies, and monitors the behavior and patterns associated with adversaries as they establish, curate, and grow their operations and campaigns. HYAS alerts you on adversary activity so you can proactively preempt attacks before attacks are even launched, and before adversary infrastructure might show up on global blacklists.


Deep Visibility into Threats Across the Globe


Andre' DiMino, Founder of DeepEnd Research

"Everyone is trying to do attribution, but they are doing it with crap data. [HYAS] fixes that."


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