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Using Adaptive Response Techniques to Stop AI-Generated Cyber Attacks.

If current cybersecurity defenses were working, we wouldn't be here today. Adversaries are deploying AI-augmented cyber-attacks dynamically generating at runtime with shapeshifting, dynamic execution capabilities. Bad actors no longer need C2 to initiate an attack; now we have smart payloads.

At HYAS Labs we are building tomorrow’s AI adaptive response attacks and the defenses to stop them. We think differently, and we act differently. We are here to break things in new ways and find new ways to fix them. By staying on the forefront of advanced techniques and infrastructure, HYAS Labs is able to provide our clients additional insight and defenses for their organizations. 

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Polymorphic, Intelligent and Fully Autonomous Malware
Meet EyeSpy.

The malware uses artificial intelligence to make informed decisions and synthesize its capabilities as needed to conduct cyberattacks and continuously morph to avoid detection.

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Polymorphic malware is no longer theoretical.
Meet BlackMamba.

We show that LLMs can be exploited to synthesize polymorphic keylogger functionality on-the-fly, making it difficult for EDR to intervene.

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