Pre-Zero-Day Cybersecurity

Headquartered in beautiful Victoria, Canada, HYAS is the world’s leading authority on cyber adversary infrastructure and communication to that infrastructure. HYAS has constructed what is arguably the world’s largest data lake of attacker infrastructure including unrivaled domain-based intelligence. HYAS leverages its infrastructure knowledge to deliver a generational leap forward in cybersecurity.

Mission and Values


At HYAS our mission is simple - provide customers with the world’s best system for detecting and mitigating cyber risks before attacks happen and identifying the bad actors behind them.  In an almost limitless world of devices and protocols, the only guarantee is that DNS will be used to establish communication. We believe that the use of DNS provides the best intelligence on the planet -- and HYAS has the keys to unlock it.

Equally important are our corporate values and how we approach our mission.  We internally pledge to:

  • Communicate Internally and Externally

  • Focus on our Customers and Their Success

  • Win Together as a Team 

  • Act with Integrity & Trust 

  • Get Stuff Done 

  • Embrace the Power of Differences

We have the team, the expertise, the hunger, and the drive.  Our mission is clear.

Management Team

David Ratner Ph.D.
David Ratner Ph.D. CEO
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Founder and Technical Advisor
Paul van Gool Ph.D.
Paul van Gool Ph.D. VP of Engineering
Jonathan Candee
Jonathan Candee Chief Revenue Officer
Melissa Blanchard
Melissa Blanchard Chief of Staff & VP - Operations, Finance & HR
Dave Mitchell
Dave Mitchell VP of Product Management

Our Board

David Ratner Ph.D.
David Ratner Ph.D. CEO
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Founder and Technical Advisor
Matthew Goldstein
Matthew Goldstein Partner at M12
Charlie Plauche
Charlie Plauche Partner at S3 Ventures
Owen Matthews
Owen Matthews General Partner at Wesley Clover

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