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Adversary Infrastructure Attribution and Interception

Expand your threat intelligence beyond what is going on inside your infrastructure and start understanding how your adversaries are preparing to attack you. By connecting specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical and current indicators of compromise, HYAS Insight provides invaluable new visibility and actionable intelligence to your security efforts.

When adversaries are laying the groundwork for cyber attacks, HYAS Insight provides unique datasets that, combined with aggregation and correlation capabilities, enables threat intelligence analysts to discover, investigate, attribute, and monitor adversary campaign infrastructure faster than ever before.

HYAS Solutions

Reduce your risk and increase 
your evidence

Identify adversaries and prevent threats with a little help from HYAS. Bring security in-house 
and arm your threat analysis with HYAS Protect & HYAS Insight. Or take advantage of our global team of security experts for your threat intelligence, fraud & incident investigation, 
or network security needs.

How HYAS Helps

HYAS is an important resource for organizations around the globe, helping them better understand the nature 
of the threats they face on a daily basis.

Andre' DiMino, Founder of DeepEnd Research

"Everyone is trying to do attribution, but they are doing it with crap data. [HYAS] fixes that."