HYAS Protect

Understand and preempt attacker infrastructure in real-time

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HYAS Protect uses unrivaled domain and infrastructure-based intelligence to proactively and preemptively protect enterprises and their devices from cyber attacks, independent of protocol or attack vector. Delivered as a cloud-native, API-friendly solution, HYAS Protect moves beyond conventional domain allow lists and block lists to provide risk verdicts and associated rationale for any domain and infrastructure, allowing enterprises to proactively mitigate potential threats and inform risk decisions. HYAS Protect provides the flexibility to integrate into any environment --- it can be deployed as an external DNS recursor, analyze network traffic to alert internal components and analysts, or even to provide essential intelligence for SOC investigations.

Use Cases

HYAS Protect provides unparalleled visibility into attackers’ assets and infrastructure, which can be utilized to uniquely and definitively answer key questions for analysts, supercharge and enhance existing assets in the security stack, and even provide an additional and critical layer of protection.


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