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Threat Intelligence

When it comes to cybersecurity and threat intelligence, your companies can’t afford to respond after an attack, when the damage has already been done. Effective threat intelligence gives you the upper hand by preemptively identifying potentially malicious assets. We use our extensive knowledge of years worth of attacks, attackers, and solutions to understand all aspects of an attack, including related adversary infrastructure that could potentially be used against you in the future.

Threat actors constantly update their methods to conceal their true identity, which means that any threat intelligence solution worth its salt needs to be constantly updated with accurate, reliable data and tweaked to look for new attack patterns. Our advanced intelligence platform uses machine learning along and intimate knowledge of hacker methods (along with more traditional methods) to provide all the information you need to close incident cases faster and more efficiently. 

HYAS Insight’s threat detection software, identifies, and monitors adversary infrastructures. This platform cuts through concealing tricks such as hiding behind a VPN or rapidly switching command servers. This allows security analysts and investigators to gather actionable information after an attack that can be used to help pursue legal action against the bad actors.

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