$ 12 T

Amount cyber crime will cost the world by 2025

$ 100000

Average cost of a DNS attack

90 %

Organizations hit by DNS attacks in a given year

$ 15 M

Average cost of phishing attacks / year

Protective DNS

Why Choose HYAS Protect?

Organizations deploying the HYAS Protect protective DNS solution leverage the industry's most comprehensive adversarial C2 data to swiftly identify and block communication with adversary systems and infrastructure. With proactive blocking and real-time alerts, HYAS Protect ensures a rapid response to diverse and sophisticated attacks like phishing, ransomware, and supply-chain risks, to render the attack inert. Bolster your in-depth cybersecurity and resilience strategy with the protective DNS solution with the highest measured efficacy rates on the market. 

Threat Intelligence & Investigation

Why Choose HYAS Insight

Empower your organization with HYAS Insight, the premier solution for threat intelligence and investigation. Designed to detect, identify, and defend against cybercriminal adversary infrastructure, HYAS Insight offers unparalleled data analytics and capabilities. Trusted by government agencies, financial services, and Fortune 50 companies alike, HYAS Insight is an essential tool to elevate your security posture and safeguard your digital assets.


Key Advantages of HYAS Cyber Security Solutions

HYAS solutions are built on the dynamic and robust HYAS adversary infrastructure platform that is powered by unparalleled data quality and analytics. Our solutions are easy to deploy and manage and integrate seamlessly into any security stack.

Resiliency Against Attacks

HYAS provides the visibility needed to stay in control of your environment. Investigate any attack or IOC, quickly uncover related indicators, trace its origins, map out campaign architecture, and take a proactive stance against future attacks.

Continuous Innovation

HYAS is committed to continuous innovation and staying at the forefront of cybersecurity technology. We prioritize substantial investments in research and development to guarantee that our solutions maintain their edge against evolving threats.

Superior Client Support

At HYAS, we prioritize client satisfaction above all else, and our loyal clientele have been with us for years. Our team of dedicated support professionals are available 24/7 to assist with any questions or issues you may have. 

Award-Winning Technology

HYAS is globally recognized for our proactive threat intelligence and investigation platform and advanced protective DNS solution that empower organizations to safeguard against cyberattacks. 


See what our clients and partners have to say about their experience leveraging our award-winning security solutions and collaborating with the HYAS team.
We chose HYAS because of the results it provided. We liked the HYAS focus on adversary infrastructure and how it mines and grabs intelligence. HYAS Protect provides an important additional layer for our defense in depth strategy.
Chris Bates
Chief Information Security Officer, SentinelOne
HYAS is a recognized leader in cybersecurity protections, and we know HYAS to be a nimble, innovative and highly responsive partner. HYAS offers our clients new levels of protection against the ever-increasing threat landscape. They’re currently the ideal choice to help meet our clients’ evolving business and security needs.
LDI Connect-70x70
Robert Handel
Senior Vice President of Cloud Security, LDI Connect
I feel like we’ve been validated in our decision time and time again. HYAS has increased our overall productivity for both our company and our security team. We have been very happy partnering with HYAS.
Isaac Spencer
IT Manager, Portland Leather Goods
HYAS has helped us to identify our adversaries and reduce fraud. Having precise, high-confidence threat intelligence has helped our members and improved the Security Operation team’s credibility with the IT leadership team, the Board, and law enforcement partners.
Manager of IT Security and Operations
Financial Services Industry
HYAS Insight is the first place I go to when I have a new investigation. The HYAS technology has helped us to succeed, and the relationship with the HYAS team is great. HYAS is super-easy to work with, and that helps us to make the most of the technology.
Senior Manager for Global Threat Intelligence
Top 5 Global Professional Firm

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