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We are a cybersecurity vendor offering world class proactive threat intelligence and protective DNS that benefit managed services providers and their clients. Here are just some of the MSPs and MSSPs already taking advantage of our partnership.

The MSSP Market Challenge

The MSSP market is a highly competitive and crowded segment. With thousands of choices, and MSSPs all offering similar solutions, it’s becoming more and more difficult to differentiate your value proposition from that of your competitors. As a result, MSSPs often must resort to reducing prices to gain an advantage and capture more clients, but a business model built on price wars and reduced margins is just a race to the bottom. To add significant value for clients, improve operational effectiveness and efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in a noisy market without compromising their bottom line, MSSPs need access to differentiated and best in breed solutions. 


About Our Partner Program

MSPs and MSSPs that offer Managed Security along with Managed SOC, DFIR or MDR services, can join the HYAS ONPOINT Partner Program. When an MSSP includes HYAS Protect protective DNS as part of their managed service, the MSSP will receive a complimentary 12-month minimum subscription to the HYAS Insight threat intelligence and investigation platform to use in their security stack. This offer brings immediate value to the internal SOC, incident response and threat analysis teams, and gives sales teams a highly differentiated solution to offer to clients and prospects. 

Partner Success Story

HYAS Is The Platform of Choice for MSPs

RSM, a global managed services provider, partnered with HYAS for robust cybersecurity solutions. Leveraging HYAS's expertise in adversary infrastructure and seamless integration, RSM enhanced their threat detection and response by utilizing HYAS Insight for informed decision-making, and deployed HYAS Protect across their client ecosystem for proactive defense and to compliance assurance. This strategic collaboration exemplifies the importance of the right partnership to deliver superior cybersecurity protection. 

RSM case study_575x375
Comprehensive Security

Protective DNS Integrated With Endpoint Protection

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) integrated with HYAS Protect protective DNS offers a comprehensive and transformative solution for endpoint protection and helps MSSPs deliver the best possible security. The platform offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities, allowing you to respond quickly to security incidents and improve your clients’ overall security posture. 

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Protective DNS for Proactive DFIR

As a HYAS ONPOINT Partner program partner, HYAS Protect protective DNS is deployed as part of your post-incident monitoring and management services, giving you: 

  • Increased visibility: Identify any remaining unseen threats and proactively block network traffic to them.
  • Client confidence: Present reports to your clients that prove adversary communication has been contained.
  • Improved bottom line: Your MDR service value will broaden and deepen, increasing the stickiness of your managed services and open additional new revenue streams with a proven-value solution.

Why Become a HYAS Partner?

Fill Critical Security Gaps

Domain-based entry into a target’s network is still the leading technique used by cybercriminals. Having the most effective protective DNS solution in your Managed Services bundle ensures an effective defense for clients.

Enhance SOC Capabilities

HYAS Insight provides valuable capabilities for internal SOC, Incident Response, and Threat Analysis teams, enabling them to access advanced threat intelligence and investigative tools to bolster their cybersecurity efforts.

Reduce Operational Overhead

With HYAS solutions in place, SOC teams reduce their cost per investigation, increase time to resolution, and enhance scalability. This is just one way our partnership in cybersecurity for MSPs and MSSPs is so valuable.

HYAS Products

Our products make it possible to provide exceptional proactive threat and adversary intelligence to identify and stop advanced cyberthreats across services, including managed security, DFIR, MDR, MSOC, and more.

Protective DNS

HYAS Protect

Identify and prevent attacks before they happen, independent of protocol, for devices inside and outside your network. You can quickly and easily integrate it via APIs with your existing solutions to enhance the value of all your current security investments.


HYAS Insight

HYAS Insight is an advanced threat intelligence and investigation platform that gives you the ability to identify, track, and attribute attacks faster. Get unprecedented visibility into the origins of attacks, both now and in the future.

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Hear What Our Partners Have to Say

Teaming up with a leading global cyber security expert such as HYAS allows us to introduce best-in-class solutions, and provide assurances to our clients that cyber resilience is being placed as the center of our efforts to support their investments in reinventing and future-proofing their digital assets.
Andrew Hanna
HYAS Protect helps RSM clients actively block access to known malicious websites, protects clients against phishing attacks, and ultimately reduces the risk of data breaches across all our clients in all industries.
Todd Willoughby
Director, Security Transformation, RSM
HYAS is a recognized leader in cybersecurity protections, and we know HYAS to be a nimble, innovative and highly responsive partner. LDI Connect is recognized for our exceptional services, and HYAS offers our clients new levels of protection against the ever-increasing threat landscape. They’re currently the ideal choice to help meet our clients’ evolving business and security needs.
LDI Connect-70x70
Robert Handel
SVP Cloud Security, LDI Connect
HYAS Protect’s integrations are extensive and deep — which was a major selling point. We can deploy HYAS Protect to client environments in seconds.
Todd Willoughby
Director, Security Transformation, RSM

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Become a Partner Today

The HYAS ONPOINT Partner Program eliminates the fees, barriers, and ongoing commitments that other cybersecurity vendors often require. We provide an important new cybersecurity service entry point and revenue expansion opportunity, allowing MSPs and MSSPs to offer the industry-leading protective DNS solution to their clients and leverage our award-winning proactive threat intelligence platform – all with unprecedented discounts and without financial risks.