A New Kind of Intelligence Feed

There are some great premium threat intelligence feeds out there that come at a price. And there are lots of free feeds that are just too noisy. The HYAS Insight Intel Feed occupies a middle ground: great intel without the price.
Malware Infrastructure

The HYAS Insight Intel Feed aggregates infrastructure intelligence from HYAS’s continual malware detonation pipeline. We package this into a daily file of timely, relevant, and actionable infrastructure intel you can ingest into your security stack.

Context and Detail

Our intel feed is organized by malware family so it’s easy to consume all relevant content by names you recognize. In addition, we provide high-level context such as top ASNs and tags, and low level details such as the C2 IPs and related hashes. 

Quality Intel Without the Cost

Too often, security teams roll the dice with threat intelligence feeds that are too expensive, low quality, or both. You won’t find that here. The HYAS Insight Intel Feed gives you quality intel - free!

A Focus On Malware Infrastructure

The HYAS Insight Intel Feed emphasizes the infrastructure associated with malware rather than a stream of IOCs or malware analysis. 


Unlock a wealth of valuable intelligence tailored for mid-market and enterprise needs, including managed security service providers. 


Elevate your security with actionable insights designed to enhance your defenses.


Gain access to comprehensive infrastructure intelligence, empowering you to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Boost Your Established CTI Program

You’ve already established a solid CTI program but continue to struggle with obtaining high-quality intelligence that helps you stay proactive. Leverage the HYAS Insight Intel Feed to aggregate and correlate our up-to-the-moment intelligence for known malware. You can better analyze and characterize malware that is relevant to your organization, and get visibility into infrastructure homogeneity, variability, and distribution to identify how it matters to your security teams.

Mitigate Risk

Building Your New Threat Intel Program

When you are still in the early phases of launching a threat intel program, you want to avoid risk. You can not afford to blow your budget on an expensive feed that does not meet your needs, and you do not want to overload your nascent threat intel program with noisy intel that is neither relevant nor actionable. The HYAS feed is the perfect middle ground.


Use Cases

Intel Enrichment and Improved Context

Enrich your existing intelligence and get an improved understanding of current malware infrastructure. Security teams can also fill gaps and get improved performance across their intelligence ecosystem with better context.

New IOCs for Detection and Blocklists

Ingest our recent malware infrastructure IOCs for deployment into detection tooling and blocklists, or perform preliminary correlation and validation against other intelligence before downstream deployment.

Define Improved SIEM Detection Rules

Leverage the high-level context and more granular technical intelligence provided in our feed to write better and more targeted SIEM detection rules. 

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