Proven Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Our award-winning protective DNS solution stops cyber threats before they ever reach your network or endpoint. Independent tests show HYAS Protect provides superior protection against many forms of attacks, including a DNS attack.

Protect Employees and Disrupt Cyber Attacks

Sooner or later employees will get phished or malware will find its way into your network. HYAS Protect inspects all DNS transactions and stops phishing attacks, ransomware, and other forms of threats before that can cause any damage.

Set Content Filtering Policies to Reduce Risk

Employee access to distracting and inappropriate web content not only impacts productivity but introduces risk to the organization. HYAS Protect’s content filtering policies can be set in seconds to immediately block employee access to undesirable sites.

Visualize, Understand, & Mitigate Cyber Risk

HYAS Protect blocks malicious and inappropriate content by looking at the least common denominator: DNS transactions. We aggregate that activity so you can identify patterns, understand risk, and concentrate on building organizational resiliency.

Why HYAS Protect

Industry-leading phishing protection is just the beginning of what you’ll love about HYAS Protect. 

A New Level of Visibility

We’ve collected years of historical domain data. This information combined with real-time analysis of communication patterns gives you an unrivaled visibility into risk before communicating to any domain.

Block Before You Get Hit

We stop connections to malicious infrastructure before adversaries can use it. You will confidently mitigate against future attacks without the labor of maintaining legacy block and allow lists. 

Real-Time Domain Truth

HYAS provides an instant source of truth to help you focus less on false positives and negatives, and more on where your business is headed.

Deploy Anywhere Anytime

Time is not a luxury that businesses can afford when it comes to cybersecurity protection and recovery. HYAS Protect is a cloud-native infrastructure-as-a-service that scales infinitely and deploys in minutes.

Maximize Existing Security Investments

Our API-driven flexibility amplifies the efficacy of your existing security stack through a new layer of protective DNS. Easy-to-use APIs allow you to seamlessly leverage SIEM, SOAR or others.


Protective DNS Targets the Attacker’s Weaknesses

Modern attack surfaces are porous and complex, and when an attacker gains an initial foothold in a network, it must initiate communication over the internet to get instructions. This is the attacker’s Achilles heel, and this is where HYAS Protect targets, detects, and stops the threat. We give security teams the tripwire to recognize this communication and take action to block the threat before damage can be done. 

Easy Installation

Rapid Deployment to Any IT Environment

HYAS Protect can be deployed in mere minutes by reconfiguring your organization’s DNS service without installing any agents or sensors. HYAS also supports other deployment options to handle wide-ranging endpoint and network configurations and integrates with existing network security solutions. Even better, you can combine deployment options to meet the needs of almost any organization.

HYAS Protect Relay

Extending Protection Within the Network Perimeter

The HYAS Protect Relay extends the capabilities of HYAS’s cloud-based protective DNS services into your network. This forward-deployable capability is a robust DNS service capable of flexibly directing traffic based upon the security needs of your organization.

Seamless Integration

Maximize Your Existing Security Investments

Many organizations with existing EDR solutions recognize the incredible boost in threat detection and visibility produced by integrating HYAS Protect. HYAS Protect also integrates with popular SIEM, SOAR, and other security solutions to keep you in the tools you know.


HYAS Protect Demo

HYAS Protect offers an intuitive, easy-to-deploy, and scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with existing security tools and infrastructure. Ideal for both small and large organizations, HYAS Protect provides the most effective and proactive defense against malware infections and advanced ransomware and phishing attacks.

Home Network Protection

Get Free Access to HYAS Protect at Home

With HYAS Protect At Home, you can protect your home network and benefit from enterprise-grade protections in our limited free package. Kick the tires to see how HYAS Protect would perform in your corporate environment, all without the coordination, delays, and official approvals that may be needed to do a formal trial at the office.

Recommended By CISA

Protective DNS Is Table Stakes for Zero Trust

Protective DNS solutions like HYAS Protect are mandated by governments around the world. In the US, CISA recommends use of protective DNS as a key defense against cyber attacks. Protective DNS is also an important part of Zero Trust architecture and compliance frameworks like CMMC.

Case Study

Why a Silicon Valley Startup Chose HYAS Protect

For a Silicon Valley software company that serves major global corporations, security and compliance are key. The startup builds technology that helps organizations improve their cyber resilience — so having its own strong cybersecurity posture is non-negotiable. HYAS  Protect complements the company’s existing cybersecurity infrastructure, providing greater visibility into indicators of compromise (IOCs) and better protecting endpoints that its other capabilities can’t cover.


The HYAS Protect Advantage

Real-time protection with the advanced HYAS Decision Engine

HYAS’s real-time decision engine determines whether an internet request on your network or endpoint should be allowed to connect. Our decision engine uses over 50 rules and processes that have been finely tuned to respond immediately to user’s requests, allowing connection to safe sites while prohibiting connection to malicious or inappropriate sites.

Unrivaled intelligence from the HYAS Adversary Infrastructure Platform

The infrastructure intelligence used to support the HYAS decision engine derives from HYAS’s Adversary Infrastructure Platform. The platform transacts billions of data points each day. It uses unique and proprietary, restricted, commercial, and open source intelligence sources to profile the latest malware infrastructure, suspicious domain registrations, and many other indicators of risk.  

Enforce appropriate use policies with flexible content filtering

 Establish appropriate use policies by configuring specific internet categories to which employees are prohibited from connecting. Also configure allow and blocklists and custom rules if your organization requires additional protection. And then tie your Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) groups to custom policies for streamlined enforcement enterprise-wide.

Flexible deployment options adapt to your environment

Deploy HYAS Protect in agent and agent-less models in addition to integrating with existing security tools that already use agents on your network devices.

Get visibility on blocked and suspicious traffic

Dashboards, custom filters, and alerts help you get visibility on blocked, malicious, and suspicious traffic to help you stay proactive and boost resiliency for your organization.

Robust API for custom automation

HYAS Protect APIs give you the power to build automation that supports your operational goals, whatever they are.

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