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Incident Response

Hackers are versatile and utilize a wide variety of different devices, protocols, and infrastructure to carry out their attacks, but no matter what methodology they employ, they always leave some kind of trail. Using our advanced threat intelligence and understanding of attacker methodology, you can follow these breadcrumbs back to their origin. This allows you to prepare for further action from this particular bad actor or collect information that could help law enforcement.

HYAS Insight provides tools to help you with all phases of attack incident response. Before an attack even begins, HYAS Insight is continuously monitoring the web for infrastructure related to known bad actors as well as new domains, IPs, websites, etc. with malicious indicators. When HYAS Insight is integrated with your existing security platforms, this data also enhances the effectiveness of these existing assets. 

It is no longer a matter of if, but rather when an attack will eventually slip past your outer defenses. When it does, incident response must be swift and accurate, because every minute could mean lost revenues. HYAS Insight lets you see how you are being attacked, who is attacking, and what related infrastructure you should also avoid or block to shut down in-progress and future attacks.

During the post-incident recovery phase. HYAS Insight gives you thorough and accurate intelligence to track down the bad actors behind the attack and take appropriate action. The solution’s interface makes it easy to create lists, make notes, and keep track of your progress as you pivot from one data point to another.

To learn more about how our cybersecurity software for threat intelligence and network incident response can protect your company’s network and your critical data, reach out to HYAS today to schedule a demo.