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Advanced Attribution

Cybersecurity incident response doesn’t end once you have contained an attack. Along with thoroughly cleansing your entire network of any remnants of the attack, the post-attack period is also a good time to review your security controls and look for potential weaknesses that could be exploited in the future. It’s also your opportunity to launch an investigation to uncover the attacker, their infrastructure, and potentially assist in any legal action.  how they bypassed your security, why they chose you as a target, and if they are likely to be back soon.

HYAS Insight is one of the most powerful cyber attack investigation and attribution tools ever created. Starting from nearly any indicator of compromise you have collected — such as a domain, IP address, malware hashtag, among others — allowing investigators to pivot from one data point to the next, spider-webbing out and gaining visibility into threat actors’ campaign infrastructures.   indicates how the threats got into your network and what they did once inside—a trail of breadcrumbs easily saved with cybersecurity analytics through HYAS Insight.

Prevention is the best protection from network attacks. Solid firewalls, detection systems, and well-trained administrators are the moats that attempt to keep threats out. Unfortunately, in the cat-and-mouse game between threat actors and network security, the threats are constantly trying new things in new ways, making them harder to stop. Our advanced attribution software allows you to break through the anonymity of the internet and find your attackers. With our cyber attack investigation system, you can look over the shoulder of your attackers, so to speak, and find out what they are doing, how, and why.

Getting caught up in the first wave of attacks after the discovery of a new vulnerability or exploit is one thing, but targeted campaigns against your company are a more serious threat, since they are persistent and utilize a variety of attack vectors. Thanks to our advanced attribution software, you can determine where the attack came from and use the knowledge you uncover about their attack methodology, command servers, and control servers to protect yourself in the future. Furthermore, our cyber attack investigation software may even allow you to note when new attack infrastructures like a new domain, new server, or new programs are created, allowing you to block them before they can even be used against you.

For more information about HYAS Insight or our advanced attribution services, reach out to HYAS today!