HYAS Insight Shines a Light on Financial Fraud

Unveiling the Power of HYAS Insight Threat Intelligence

Financial institutions are on the frontline of an ongoing battle against cyber threats and financial fraud. The need for robust risk management practices has never been more critical, as the repercussions of these attacks can extend far beyond financial losses and impacting customers and harming reputations. Determined cybercriminals often find ways to breach an organization's defenses, necessitating an advanced approach to threat intelligence and investigative capabilities.

In this blog, we outline a major national bank's journey to bolster its cyber threat investigative capabilities using HYAS Insight our cutting-edge threat intelligence and investigation platform. This innovative solution not only added depth and breadth to their investigations but also seamlessly integrated with their existing security stack, enabling the bank's security team to uncover related instances of fraud quickly and efficiently.

Inherent Vulnerabilities of Financial Institutions

Financial institutions have long been prime targets for cybercriminals due to the potential for substantial financial gain. However, these attacks aren't just about the money; they can lead to operational disruptions, damaged customer trust, and regulatory repercussions. Despite robust defense mechanisms, the ever-evolving threat landscape means that no organization is entirely immune to cyber threats. A single employee falling victim to a phishing scam or a vulnerability in the system can create opportunities for malicious actors.

In addition to defending against direct attacks, financial institutions must also conduct thorough investigations to uncover and expose instances of fraud. Achieving this requires a platform capable of uncovering hidden links connecting the dots between incidents and the responsible parties.

A Financial Giant

Our case study revolves around one of the largest banks in the country, serving over 8.5 million customers across various sectors globally. Given the sensitive nature of the information they manage, the bank had already established a formidable security team and deployed numerous technical solutions to counter breaches, malware, fraud, and other cybercrimes. Being a leading global financial institution, the bank was acutely aware of the cyber threat landscape's dangers.

Let Loose the Digital Sleuth

The security team continuously sought ways to enhance their incident response capabilities, and this is where HYAS Insight came into play. HYAS Insight provided the much-needed visibility into previously unseen attack infrastructure, impressing the security team with the richness of the data and context it delivered.

With HYAS in place, the Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Intelligence Manager at the bank noted, "The key was understanding the context of the data, how pivoting works, and where to share the data we find related to specific threats. Seeing that this phishing campaign was related to X, Y, Z, or that a single [phone] number was associated with X-amount of bank accounts that were opened is very useful."

One of the standout features of HYAS Insight that impressed the security team was its geolocation capability. In one instance, they detected suspicious activity from multiple IP addresses routed through a VPN. Thanks to HYAS Insight, the team could bypass the VPN, gather location data, and identify that all the IP addresses were in the same area.

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Introducing HYAS Insight

HYAS Insight is an advanced threat intelligence and investigation platform that empowers organizations to identify, track, and attribute fraud and cyber attacks with unprecedented speed and efficiency. By analyzing data from leading private and commercial sources worldwide, HYAS Insight enables clients to identify suspicious infrastructure long before it becomes active.

The platform provided the bank with unparalleled visibility into the origins of attacks, campaign infrastructure, and the threat architecture likely to be used against them in the future. With a deep understanding of this adversary attack infrastructure and leveraging a proprietary graph database that aggregates data from various sources, HYAS Insight equipped the financial institution with previously inaccessible data and the essential context needed to put it to use.

Ensuring Client Trust

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and financial institutions must stay ahead of the curve. HYAS Insight has proven to be a game-changer for our featured bank, offering a unique and powerful approach to threat intelligence and investigation. This case study highlights the platform's seamless integration, rich data context, and geolocation capabilities, all of which contributed to enhancing the bank's cybersecurity posture and fraud investigation capabilities.

With HYAS Insight in their arsenal, the bank is better equipped than ever to defend against cyber threats, safeguard its customers, and maintain its reputation as a trusted financial institution. If you're looking to elevate your investigative capabilities and bolster your defenses, HYAS Insight might just be the solution you've been searching for.

To learn more about how HYAS Insight can transform your investigations and reveal unprecedented access to understanding threat adversary infrastructure, please reach out to a HYAS representative today . Your journey to a more secure and resilient future begins here.

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