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Cybersecurity Services: Threat Visibility

Reliably detecting threats requires that cybersecurity services walk a fine line. If the engine powering a cybersecurity solution's threat detection is overly sensitive, it will block legitimate traffic, which is annoying at best and a serious impediment to business at worst. This also adds to an IT or security team's workload, as then they have go into the system and manually unblock the traffic. However, if it fails to block threats when they do appear, then what good is it? This is why accuracy is so important to HYAS. Our extensive understanding of attacker infrastructure and use of machine learning algorithms ensures we not only block known threats, but also emerging threats before they are able to harm your enterprise.

In our modern security landscape, no matter how strong your perimeter defense is, malicious actors will find a way to infiltrate it. Phishing attacks, social engineering schemes, unpatched vulnerabilities, infected USB drives, or even users intentionally installing malware are all cyber threats that don’t require the attacker to remotely penetrate perimeter network defenses, bypassing them completely instead. Once inside, these threats can remain nearly invisible to traditional, outward-facing security methods, and they use this period before activation (and therefore detection) to scope out the network, find high-value targets, and infect as many devices as it can.

During this dwell period, the malicious software needs to regularly communicate with the bad actor's command and control infrastructure, and in doing so, it almost always utilizes the DNS protocol in some way. While regular network infrastructure simply responds to the malware because it looks like it’s coming from a legitimate computer inside the network, an adaptive, DNS malware protection system can alert based upon a list of suspect names, servers in suspect countries, or any number of other suspicious activities. Such threat visibility provides administrators with an important tool for network security. 

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