HYAS Insight Connector for Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Enterprises are embracing digital transformation to speed business during a pandemic, and that changes how they appear online to consumers and malicious actors. The threat landscape has evolved with clever threat actor usage of attack infrastructure for phishing attacks and malware command and control (C2). In this world in flux, knowledge and insight provide power. And leveraging that power requires automation and solutions that integrate with existing investments. The HYAS Insight Connector for Microsoft Azure Sentinel delivers power to SOC teams including incident responders and fraud investigators.

HYAS and Azure Sentinel Empower Security Teams

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native, next-generation SIEM that transforms how security teams triage incidents in their organizations. It acts as a force-multiplier for security teams that gives them unprecedented context and agility. Security teams can quickly be up, running, and responding to alerts to supercharge threat investigations and automate incident response at scale.

For HYAS, understanding adversary infrastructure on a massive scale is critical to countering adversaries. HYAS Insight connects specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical and real-time indicators of compromise approximately 3X faster than conventional approaches, dramatically increasing efficiency and delivering critical results with the speed required by modern businesses. When this external threat intelligence combines with firewall and endpoint telemetry data in Azure Sentinel, security operations teams have a full view of their organization's attack surface and unparalleled context around external threats and security incidents.

Security teams are navigating shrinking budgets and a ballooning attack surface significantly changed by a pandemic. Employees have been forced to work from home and thus extended the enterprise attack surface to the home office. At the same time, external threats in the form of phishing, malware, and ransomware are targeting organizations at unprecedented rates. HYAS helps security teams do more with fewer resources. As Ryan Smith, Manager of IT Security and Operations at First West Credit Union commented, “Investigations can be complex as you poke through cyber attacker tradecraft. HYAS helps us to save valuable time in investigations and achieve attribution. We have seen a speedup of about 3X for analysts when doing investigations with HYAS Insight.”

The HYAS Insight Connector for Azure Sentinel

With the HYAS Insight Connector, Azure Sentinel users can access petabytes of threat intelligence. HYAS processes 3.3B data points and 250M+ DNS queries per day as well as providing precise “to the doorstep” IP geolocation. Incidents can be enriched automatically using Azure Sentinel playbooks to save time and resources.

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Today’s cyber threats expose limitations in traditional security tools and network security controls, and those limitations are amplified in organizations that are unable to quickly apply context and automation to combat the threats. Accessing as much data as possible provides visibility into your attack surface and the cyber threats against you to help to resolve incidents and get proactive against cyber attackers.

For security teams, defending the enterprise no longer means just adding another point security tool. Adopting intelligent, automated force multipliers enables security teams to meet challenges and threats head-on. Azure Sentinel, when combined with HYAS Insight, can reshape how security teams operate. It allows security teams to cover more ground by seamlessly integrating HYAS’s comprehensive external visibility with the advanced threat detection, AI, and orchestration found in Azure Sentinel.

Enterprises using Azure Sentinel can find the HYAS Insight connector details (including all the Actions supported by the connector) here. To learn more about HYAS Insight and the integration with Azure Sentinel, you can read the datasheet or request a demo.