It's Not Me, It's You: Why Companies Are Breaking Up with RiskIQ

With RiskIQ’s integration into Microsoft Defender and the impending end-of-life for its standalone features, many organizations are searching for a suitable alternative for a comprehensive threat intelligence platform. HYAS Insight threat intelligence platform shines as an exceptional replacement, providing advanced capabilities and a robust approach to threat intelligence and proactive defense.

Why Consider Replacing RiskIQ?

RiskIQ has been a valuable resource in the cybersecurity community, known for its digital footprint management and external threat detection. However, with its features now being absorbed into Microsoft Defender and the standalone product nearing its end, it’s time to explore other options. Organizations need a tool that offers similar, if not better, capabilities without being tied to a single ecosystem.

Why HYAS Insight is the Best Choice

1. Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

HYAS Insight offers an extensive threat intelligence framework that goes beyond what RiskIQ can provide. By pulling data from multiple sources, including open-source intelligence (OSINT), proprietary datasets, and partner networks, HYAS Insight gives you a clearer and more detailed view of the threat landscape. This means you’ll always be informed about potential threats in real-time.

2. Proactive Threat Hunting

HYAS Insight empowers your security team with proactive threat hunting tools. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, HYAS Insight helps you identify and stop threats before they cause any damage. This proactive approach is crucial in today’s world, where early detection can save you from significant trouble down the road. Unlike traditional solutions that only help you understand past events, HYAS Insight provides predictive insights, allowing you to foresee potential threats and take your threat intelligence to the next level.

3. Real-Time Analytics and Detection

One of the standout features of HYAS Insight is its real-time analytics. Constant monitoring and immediate data analysis ensure that threats are caught and addressed as they appear. This quick response time is key to maintaining a secure environment and preventing incidents from escalating.

4. Seamless Integration

HYAS Insight integrates smoothly with various security infrastructures, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms, and Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP). Unlike RiskIQ, which is mainly tied to Microsoft Defender, HYAS Insight offers the flexibility to fit into your existing security strategy without locking you into one ecosystem.

5. User-Friendly Interface

Designed with the user in mind, HYAS Insight’s intuitive interface makes it easy to monitor and manage threats. Your security team can quickly access crucial information and generate actionable insights, reducing the learning curve and boosting efficiency.

6. Cost-Effective Solution

With RiskIQ’s standalone features phasing out, transitioning to HYAS Insight is a smart, cost-effective move. By consolidating multiple cybersecurity functions into a single platform, HYAS Insight helps you cut down on overall costs while streamlining your security processes.

Why HYAS Insight is Better Than RiskIQ

  • Broader Data Coverage: HYAS Insight’s diverse data sources provide a more detailed and accurate view of potential threats.
  • Independent Operation: Unlike RiskIQ, HYAS Insight doesn’t require integration with Microsoft Defender TI Premium, offering greater flexibility.
  • Future-Proof Investment: HYAS Insight is dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring it keeps up with emerging cybersecurity challenges.

Ready to Make the Switch?

As RiskIQ’s standalone product reaches its end-of-life, it’s the perfect time to transition to HYAS Insight. This switch will enhance your cybersecurity defenses with a superior, proactive, and cost-effective solution, ensuring your organization stays protected against evolving threats.

By choosing HYAS Insight, you’ll benefit from comprehensive threat intelligence, real-time analytics, seamless integration, and an intuitive user interface. Plus, you can be up and running on HYAS Insight in minutes, making the transition smooth and efficient. This transition not only strengthens your security measures but also streamlines operations, leading to better outcomes in threat detection and response.

Take Action Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make the smart move to HYAS Insight today and protect your organization with top-notch threat intelligence and proactive defense. Contact us to learn more about how HYAS Insight can replace RiskIQ and elevate your cybersecurity strategy. Embrace the future of cybersecurity and stay ahead of threats with HYAS Insight.