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Dissect DNS to Augment Existing Investments Through API Integration

The HYAS Protect API offers a convenient way for your developers and security experts to integrate our foundational cybersecurity solutions into their overall digital environment — all without disrupting your existing security infrastructure. This nonintrusive API integration delivers verdicts and analyses of real-time log analysis or DNS forwarding into SIEM, SOAR, firewalls, or other security platforms — providing valuable data that can be used to actually enhance the effectiveness of these additional platforms. For instance, data from HYAS Protect could be used to corroborate information from other security software or help zero in on the information you need when reviewing huge volumes of log data.

Stopping attacks before they start is the name of the game. If malware were to infiltrate your enterprise (which is really only a matter of time), its unusual communication activity would be flagged and further communication would be cut off. When command and control servers are unable to send instructions to their corresponding malware because all of their replies are being swallowed up before they leave the network, then they will not execute the final, most damaging phase of the attack, when the malware makes itself known by causing a major problem. Our DNS security solutions give you an instant and reliable source to mitigate threats in real time.

With attackers constantly evolving their methods, HYAS cybersecurity service gives administrators precious opportunities to catch and prevent exploits, rather than cleaning up after them.