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While this webpage may not contain a complete list of your rights under relevant data privacy/protection laws, we wanted to take this opportunity to list some of the rights that may be available to you. We may be additionally obligated to facilitate your exercise of such rights. Accordingly, this page provides a mechanism by which you may submit data privacy and protection-related requests.

By clicking on the “SUBMIT” button below, you will have provided your consent to allow us to store and process the personal information that you submit to us and for us to contact you for such purposes. Your request will be evaluated by our data protection officer, on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the information that you provide to us and all applicable terms and conditions contained within the legislation that applies to your circumstances.

In response, we will either: take the requested action, request more information to help us verify your identity (for example, we may request that you send us an email from the email address that you have on file with us or, if you are a paying customer, submit a support ticket using your account) or provide an explanation for why your request will not be accommodated by us. Subject to our obligations under applicable data privacy/protection laws, should we be unable to verify your identity, we may deny such request(s). 

For more information regarding the personal information that we collect and process and how this data is used, please review our Privacy Statement.

Rights Under the GDPR & CCPA

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides citizens of the European Union as well as citizens of the United Kingdom with specific rights concerning our processing of your “personal data”, a.k.a., your “personal information” or “personally identifiable information”. Please note that, as a result of Brexit, this right will be honored with respect to U.K. citizens at least through December 31, 2020.

Pursuant to the GDPR, you may request to: obtain access to, correct inaccuracies in, delete/erase, restrict the processing of and/or receive, in a portable electronic format, copies of (i.e., the right of “portability”, which is intended to facilitate the transfer of such information to either yourself or to a third party, at your request) your personal data. Collectively, these are referred to as “data subject rights”.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides rights that are similar to data subject rights under the GDPR. Based on our own data processing practices, rights that may be available to California “consumers” (as defined by the CCPA) include:  

  • As concerns such of your personal data that has been collected by us, the right to request that HYAS disclose:
    • the categories of personal information we have collected about you, specifically;
    • the categories of sources from which we have collected such information;
    • our business/commercial purposes for having collected such information; and
    • the categories of third parties to whom we have shared your personal information.
  • As concerns such of your personal data that has been sold by us or disclosed by us for a business purpose, the right to request that we disclose, as applicable:
    • the categories of personal information we have collected about you, specifically;
    • the categories of your personal information, specifically, that we have sold;
    • the categories of third parties to whom we have sold your personal information; and
    • the categories of your personal information that we have disclosed for a business purpose.
  • As concerns such of your personal information that we had collected directly from you, the right to request that we delete your personal information from our records (and accordingly, that we direct that such records additionally be deleted from our service providers’ records).

As noted in section 3 of our Privacy Statement, HYAS does not “sell” (as defined by the CCPA) your personal information where that information is collected by us, from you, directly. However, as concerns our sale of “HYAS’ Data” (which term is also defined under section 3 of our Privacy Statement), if you are a California consumer and believe that this data may contain your personal information, you may additionally have the right to opt out of our sale of that portion of HYAS’ Data that contains your personal information. This request may be initiated by clicking on the Do Not Sell My Personal Information tab that may be found at the bottom of our homepage. From there, you will be prompted to fill out a webform and submit your request.

Should you, as a California consumer, elect to exercise the rights available to you under the CCPA, and if we are reasonably able to provide the requested goods and/or services without the requested personal information, we will not discriminate against you by denying such goods or services, charging different prices or rates for goods or services (including through discounts or penalties), providing a different level of quality or services, or suggesting the foregoing, in response to your decision.

Other Rights & Factors

Your rights may arise based on your citizenship, where you are domiciled, your residence and other factors that may apply under the circumstances per relevant data privacy/protection laws. As such, the rights listed under the GDPR and CCPA may not be the sole data rights that are available to you. You may gather more information regarding what rights may be available to you from your local data protection or supervisory authority.


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