HYAS Named 2020 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor 

New York City, NY – Sept. 24, 2019 – HYAS, a provider of attribution intelligence and solutions that help cybersecurity teams identify specific threats targeting their organization and the adversaries behind them, announces today its selection by TAG Cyber as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2020 Security Annual.

Each distinguished vendor is selected by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber. The free report is available here and you can read the full interview with HYAS co-founder, Jeff Spencer.

‘We’re excited and proud to be working with Dr. Ed Amoroso and his team at TAG Cyber as part of an industry collective supporting democratization of cyber security research and advisory materials” said HYAS co-founder, Jeff Spencer. “Having our efforts in attribution intelligence recognized and supported is a major win for HYAS.”

The 2020 Security Annual is part of an annual series from TAG Cyber that is published each September since 2016. The massive report offers expert guidance, analysis, and education on fifty different aspects of the cyber security ecosystem. 

“We are proud to include the HYAS team in our program,” said Amoroso. “The HYAS approach to cyber attribution is interesting and promotes the detection and protection of attacks on data.”

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About HYAS. British Columbia, CN-based HYAS provides attribution intelligence and solutions that help cybersecurity teams identify specific threats targeting their organizations and the threat actors behind them. The Comox Threat Attribution and Response Platform gives cybersecurity teams an incomparable view into current and evolving adversary infrastructure, facilitating the identification, monitoring, and blocking of attacks before they happen and, in many cases, the tracking of adversaries to their physical doorsteps. 

About TAG Cyber. TAG Cyber is a research and advisory firm focused on democratizing world-class support for everyone. Based in New York City and led by Dr. Edward Amoroso, the firm is proud to support enterprise and government customers around the world.


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