Integration improves visibility and productivity, enabling security teams to accelerate incident investigations

VICTORIA, British Columbia - October 28, 2020  —HYAS, a leader in threat intelligence, adversary infrastructure, and attribution, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) and has integrated the HYAS Insight threat intelligence solution into Microsoft Azure Sentinel. HYAS Insight improves visibility and productivity for cybersecurity analysts, researchers and investigators while vastly increasing the accuracy of their findings. With this integration, Azure Sentinel users can connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical and real-time indicators of compromise approximately 3X faster than conventional approaches, dramatically increasing efficiency and delivering critical results with the speed required by modern businesses.

MISA was formed in 2018 to provide a community for premier cybersecurity companies to collaborate and better defend against a world of increasing threats. By joining MISA, HYAS looks forward to the benefits of collaboration as a member of the MISA community while advancing its cybersecurity offerings. 

MISA uniquely fosters the critical relationships between innovative designers and developers creating cyber security products that integrate with Microsoft Security products. By removing the obstacles to direct integration, MISA members, such as HYAS, can fast track technological and product developments to produce a more robust security ecosystem for Azure Sentinel users.  

“Enterprises struggle to locate and counter advanced cyberthreats and face the continuous challenge of defending against attacks that can cost millions in financial, brand, operational, and regulatory losses,” said David Ratner, CEO of HYAS. “The integration of HYAS Insight with Microsoft Azure Sentinel delivers unique threat intelligence and attribution capabilities. The HYAS Insight and Azure Sentinel integration enables enterprises to rapidly identify the actors behind these attacks, map their infrastructure, and take proactive action to avert future attacks.“

For MISA members, the association provides the avenues to; enrich security products, execute go-to-market strategy, connect with customers and other MISA partners, and ease integration into the Microsoft ecosystem.   

Rani Lofstrom, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Security said, “The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association has grown into a vibrant ecosystem comprised of the most reliable and trusted security software vendors across the globe. Our members, like HYAS, share Microsoft’s commitment to collaboration within the cybersecurity community to improve our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats faster.”


HYAS Insight integration for Microsoft Azure Sentinel is available immediately. Enterprises can schedule a HYAS Insight demonstration or trial deployment at


About HYAS

HYAS, a First Nations word meaning “great and powerful,” is the world’s leading authority on pre-zero-day cybersecurity risk. HYAS provides the industry’s first security solution that integrates into existing security frameworks and enables enterprises to detect and mitigate cyber risks before attacks happen and identify the adversaries behind them. Threat and fraud response teams use HYAS to hunt, find, and identify adversaries, often down to their physical doorsteps. With HYAS, enterprises are able to adopt a more proactive and adaptive security posture and protect against both known and not-yet-launched attacks, identifying the adversaries targeting their organizations and the infrastructure used to launch their attacks. For more information about HYAS, visit



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