To illustrate what AI-based malware is capable of, the team at HYAS Labs has just released a proof of concept (PoC) exploiting a large language model to synthesize polymorphic keylogger functionality on-the-fly, dynamically modifying the benign code at runtime — all without any command-and-control infrastructure to deliver or verify the malicious keylogger functionality. The POC and results are published in the HYAS blog post BlackMamba: Using AI to Generate Polymorphic Malware and whitepaper “HYAS Labs Threat Intelligence: BlackMamba AI-Synthesized, Polymorphic Keylogger with On-the-Fly Program Modification.”  ... ( Read the Full Article ) 


ChatGPT Powered Malware Bypasses EDR

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BlackMamba: Using AI to Generate Polymorphic Malware

Daily Drop - By: Bob Bragg - Bob's Newsletter
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BlackMamba PoC Malware Uses AI to Avoid Detection

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