Your Existing Security and Visibility is Not Enough

I’m sure that you’ve purchased and utilized a variety of solutions in your security stack today. You may think that your combined solution is “good enough” and that it gives you the visibility and protection you need to properly execute, drive the company full forward at the speed of business, and put on the brakes when needed to address key risks and threats before they cripple the organization.

If that describes you, then this blog might be a waste of your time...because this message is for the leaders who realize that proper security and visibility is never “done” and that “good enough” is not good enough.

One of the biggest gaps in security is visibility — knowing what is happening before it’s too late. Given the statistics that bad actors spend an average of 99 days in your network before detection, it’s clear that visibility today is not where it needs to be. The best way to improve that — the best way to reduce those 99 days — is to recognize that the bad actors hiding in your network can’t do anything if they can’t communicate back-and-forth with the assets inside your enterprise. They place a piece of software, a digital spy if you will, inside your four walls and communicate discreetly with their spy to watch, learn, explore, and steal.

That’s their achilles heel. If you are watching where your outbound communication is going, you can stop the digital spy from being able to communicate with the outside world, preventing the bad actor from exploring or doing damage, and giving you time to find and eradicate the spy from the network.

HYAS Protect will do this for you — not just identifying and stopping communication, but actual identification of where the spy is hiding for eradication. Further, HYAS Protect is purpose built to layer into your existing architecture without requiring rip-and-replace of current assets, and will in fact improve the efficacy of those assets.

So if you are one of those people who don’t believe that “good enough” is in fact good enough, let HYAS prove to you that you can raise the bar with a free demo and live visibility exercise for your current network. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.