Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Need More Than Just AntiVirus

As the size and scope of cybercriminal activity continues to grow, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly becoming the target of cyberattacks. In 2023, small businesses experienced a 424-percent increase in breaches, and half of all SMBs reported suffering at least one attack. Given this additional pressure, SMBs are being forced to make cybersecurity a serious priority. 

In this new environment, the bare minimum is no longer good enough. Basic solutions like antivirus deployments are certainly still important, but they are reactionary measures. The real goal is to prevent attacks from being able to accomplish their goals in the first place. Thankfully, nearly all malware depends on DNS at some point in their kill chain, making the protocol a critical vector for shutting down these threats. In addition to malware, there are other DNS-based threats that antivirus software is completely blind to — leaving your company’s sensitive data at risk of compromise or exposure and potentially leading to irreparable financial or reputational damage. Some of the common forms these DNS-based attacks can take include:

  • DNS spoofing: A malicious actor alters DNS records to redirect traffic to a fake website or server.

  • DNS hijacking: A threat actor gains control of a DNS server and redirects traffic to malicious sites.

  • DNS tunneling: An attacker uses DNS to exfiltrate data or gain remote access to a network.

While antivirus software is an essential tool for protecting against malware and other cyber threats, it does not protect against these attacks. This is where HYAS Protect comes in to fill this critical gap. 

HYAS Protect is a cloud-based security solution that defends SMBs against DNS-based threats. Easy to deploy and manage, it works in conjunction with preexisting security tools, enhancing their value. HYAS Protect provides: 

  • Advanced Threat Detection: using machine learning algorithms to detect and flag suspicious DNS requests and activities

  • Real-Time Monitoring: analyzing DNS requests in real-time and alerting the business to suspicious activity

  • DNS Filtering: Blocking access to inappropriate or harmful websites, such as those containing malware, phishing, gambling, or adult content

  • DNSSEC Validation: ensuring the authenticity of DNS responses to prevent spoofing and hijacking

  • Dashboard Visualization: Detecting and tracking malicious activities through a user-friendly interface

Given current trends, SMBs are going to be facing greater attack volume and sophistication. Like any industry, cybercrime has to expand into new markets to keep growing, so SMBs that continue to rely solely on the methods that got them by in the past are putting themselves at risk. Afterall, an antivirus cannot protect your organization from brand new malware or exploits (zero-day attacks) or the DNS-specific threats discussed above.

A comprehensive solution like HYAS Protect safeguards SMBs by providing advanced threat detection, real-time monitoring, DNS filtering, and DNSSEC validation. HYAS Protect is easy to integrate with a company's existing security stack, allowing SMBs to significantly reduce their risk exposure.