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Comox Maltego Transforms on the Hub!

We are very excited to let you know that Maltego transforms for all your favourite Comox data sets are on the Maltego Transform Hub. Maltego is a fantastic tool for visualizing the relationships between the IOCs you’re investigating and the data sets in Comox, providing powerful new ways to conduct investigations, and supercharge your efforts around infrastructure attribution and the adversaries that control it. The new transforms can be accessed directly from within the Maltego platform, simply download the transforms, enter your API key for Comox and you’re good to go!

New Investments in Customer Success and Product Development

We are pleased to announce that Grady Johnston has joined the HYAS team as our new VP of Product for the company. Grady brings a wealth of experience in the information security industry and will lead our new initiatives around Comox and other new products the team is working on. Going forward, Grady and his team will also play a leading role in all of our customer success programs, working closely with our users to make sure that you’re getting the most out of Comox, and ensuring that your feedback for new features and capabilities make their way into platform. Maltego transforms on the hub, IOC alerting, and many other features in Comox have all been user driven requests that are at the core of how we continue to build the platform. Have something that you’d love to see in Comox? Please contact Sasha at and we’ll work hard to make sure it makes it into upcoming releases of Comox.