Leveraging the Power of Adversary Infrastructure to Stop Cyberattacks

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The future of cybersecurity isn’t about blocking every single attack While controversial at face value, no one is arguing that enterprises shouldn’t be deploying a full, comprehensive security stack. But the unfortunate truth is that in today’s cyber landscape, breaches are going to happen, and businesses need the reassurance that they can deal with those breaches as they occur, with minimal impact and fallout to business operations.

The objective is to develop resilience against threats when they have already breached the perimeter, regardless of where or how they compromised a network or what tools or techniques they may employ. What business leaders need to answer is: How do I continue to drive business forward even when under attack?

This white paper outlines how to understand what is and isn’t adversary infrastructure, how it dynamically morphs in real time, and how to leverage this knowledge to implement a cohesive defense or security in-depth (SID) strategy in your environment.

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