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(Effective: March 5, 2020)

Our third-party service providers provide us with services that are made pursuant to either a written contract made between us and such party or a combination of the service provider’s standard subscription agreement and online privacy policy (as well as the service provider’s online terms and conditions relating to such services).

With the exception of the third-party service providers that we use for internal communications and for accounting and human resource-related purposes and tasks (including ownership/equity management and our tracking payment of expenses), i.e., third-parties who provide services exclusively to HYAS’ directors, officers, investors, employees contractors and/or advisors pursuant to our internal policies, our third-party service providers are:

  • Microsoft (for Source Data storage and internal file storage, includes: Azure as well as Azure Compute and Blob Storage Services, Azure Functions and Office 365)
  • Amazon (for Source Data file storage, includes: AWS Compute Services, Lambda Services and S3)
  • Maltego (for visualizing and correlating data)
  • Google (in support of internal operations and marketing efforts, for the administration of user accounts and for Website management and analytics; includes use of: GSuite, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Hubspot (for hosting this Website and for communications, including, without limitation: product updates, maintenance of your contact information and tracking consents to this and subsequent versions of our Privacy Statement)
  • Zendesk (for managing customer relations and service requests)
    • NOTE: by clicking on our support linkyou are accessing HYAS’ support page and portal, which is a Zendesk-hosted service
  • BambooHR (for managing employment opportunities)
    • NOTE: if you down scroll to the “careers” section of our company page,, this section contains employment opportunities with HYAS, and when you click to view an employment opportunity, you are taken to a webpage that is hosted by BambooHR
  • Dropbox (for internal file storage)
  • Zoom (for communications)